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Signs That Your Gutters Need Repair

Gutter damage is often noticeable from the ground. You may notice that the gutters are starting to sag or pull away from the eaves. Water may also leak from the seams when it rains. However, sometimes the damage is only detected after it impacts other areas of the property.

If you detect any of the following issues, you may need gutter repairs:

Basement leaks or flooding

Cracks in the foundation

Roof leaks

Interior water damage

The most common sign of damaged gutters is water in the basement. Increased moisture, leaks, and flooding all indicate that your gutters are not doing their job of directing water away from the foundation.

Along with the water in the basement, you may notice cracks along the foundation. A weakened foundation reduces the structural integrity of your property, which may lead to major repairs.

If your home does not have a full basement, you may notice signs of water damage inside the home. Roof leaks caused by damaged gutters can also lead to interior damage. Ignoring the problem will only make the situation worse.

Water damage due to a broken gutter system can lead to more costly home repairs, such as replacing damaged drywall or dealing with foundation cracks.

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